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  • ITO Coatings - Standard resistivity (measured in ohms/square), ranges from 2-1200 ohms/square
  • Transmission -Highly transparent coatings, range depends on resistivity


  • Soda Lime Float Glass - polished, unpolished, chemically strengthened, other

                 SiO2 Barrier Coating normally applied on float glass substrates

  • Aluminosilicate Glass and other low alkaline glasses
  • Sizes: Can customize up to 30" x 48" depending on coating requirements, 14" x 14" standard stock size
  • Thickness Ranges from .016" - .236"

For ITO coatings sales or other thin film coatings sales, please contact Shane Vincent.

(970)635-2797 (Phone)

(970)635-3054 (Fax)